Service overview

Over 15 years experiences in ISO Tank industry, especially in Specialty tank containers, Such as T14, T20, T22, T50 , T75, as well special product tanks, Lining tanks, General tank provides professional logistics solutions for our customers.

Through tailor made logistics solutions and Global networks, General tank teams is able to help customer to delivery their product safely yet at a lower cost

Our Speical tank Services covers:

T14, T20, T22, Capacity: 14.5cbm, 17.5cbm, 21cbm Top only for speical Liquid chemicals. 25 to 26cbm T11 for food staff such as beer Milk, Juices,edible Oil

Canava Transport is synonymous with transportation management. Our complete and scaleable service of transportation procurement and administration ensures safe delivery of your freight on-time, every-time.

Cold cured resins,Hot cured resins,Rubber lined tanks,Plastics lined tanks, such as PE, PTFE

Refrigerants, Ammonia,Methyl chloride,Pharmaceutical grade,LPG, Chlorine

Super Insulated Tank, Refrigerated Tank,Electric Heated Tank for MDI.